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Meyerson & Miller has teamed up with Durant & Durant LLP to form an experienced securities fraud task force to represent victims of financial and investor fraud. This Task Force is offering consultations to investors who have sustained substantial losses in fraudulent securities schemes including those involving the Stanford Financial Group, Citigroup Hedge Funds and Bernard Madoff. All members of our team have extensive trial experience in complex litigation.

The Durant firm has handled many hundreds of securities cases of every conceivable type from arbitrations to class actions. Jack Meyerson and Marc Durant are both former federal criminal fraud prosecutors. Together they have more than 70 years of legal experience in aggressively pursuing fraudsters and in obtaining very substantial recoveries for victims of securities schemes and frauds. Debora O’Neill has maintained an active commercial and class action practice for more than 25 years in complex civil cases, including multi-district litigation. Rita Durant has over 25 years of litigation experience, the vast majority of which involving securities litigation. The firms have handled thousands of civil and criminal business, financial and securities cases, including lengthy trials, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. "Playing both ways" has become quite unusual and gives these trial attorneys valuable insight from both sides of the battlefield.

The team will aggressively pursue all responsible parties, including investment advisory firms, accounting firms and other related entities to achieve maximum compensatory and punitive damages for the innocent victims of financial frauds.

If you would like our team to evaluate your fraud or investment claim, please contact us.
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