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Suing a lawyer is a subject that’s inclined to provoke questions as many people are not aware that you can sue a lawyer. But when a lawyer mishandles your case, or if you think you didn't get the type of legal service you wanted, you may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit and should discuss your issues with one of the legal malpractice attorneys at Meyerson and Miller.

Unlike many law firms, we consider legal malpractice to be one of the most important areas of our practice. Your success with a legal malpractice lawsuit requires the knowledge of lawyers who are experienced, specifically, in bringing legal malpractice lawsuits.

If a lawyer through negligence forfeits an important claim of a client, we do not hesitate to take aggressive action, even if it involves suing another lawyer to seek justice.
The firm has achieved substantial settlements in legal malpractice cases involving:
  • fraudulent tax shelters
  • failure to comply with the statute of limitations
  • failure to follow court filing requirements
If you are looking for information on our Medical Malpractice cases, please click here.
In addition to litigating such cases, Jack Meyerson has on several occasions been retained by attorneys to testify as an expert witness in legal malpractice cases brought by other firms.

Our office is willing to undertake legal malpractice claims on a contingent fee basis with all costs advanced by us.

If you would like us to evaluate a potential legal malpractice case on your behalf, please contact us via our online form or call 856-665-3332 and ask to speak with an attorney about legal malpractice litigation.

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Here are some of the successes we’ve had with Legal Malpractice Cases:
  • $1.75 million result for a North Jersey woman. Our client required emergency hernia surgery but the doctor would not come to the hospital on the weekend. As a result, by the time she underwent surgery, the hernia had strangled and killed a large portion of her colon and digestive tract. Her first attorney, who we subsequently sued, did not thoroughly study the medical records and, as a result, sued the wrong doctor which resulted in the client’s loss of her medical malpractice claim.
  • Meyerson & O’Neill instituted a legal malpractice case against the lawyer who mishandled the medical malpractice case. Ultimately, success was achieved and after 8 years of suffering and delay, the client received just compensation and financial security.
  • A legal malpractice action on behalf of a woman who suffered serious and significant medical complications from a gallbladder surgery. Her attorney failed to file a certificate of merit to support her medical malpractice case, thereby preventing her medical malpractice claim from proceeding. The subsequent legal malpractice case brought by Meyerson & O’Neill led to a resolution that was substantially in excess of six figures.
  • Three legal malpractice actions against the same attorney from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who negligently represented clients in serious medical malpractice cases – one involving a gastrointestinal injury during a fertility treatment, another involving negligent performance of ankle replacement surgery resulting in ankle amputation, and negligent performance of claw toe revision surgery. His egregious acts of professional legal negligence resulted in his clients’ medical malpractice cases being dismissed. Settlement was in excess of six figures.
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