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Our NJ law firm specializes in and has developed a particularly impressive track record in achieving large financial verdicts/settlements from the successful prosecution of Wrongful Death Cases in New Jersey. Most noticeably: deaths due to an unsafe nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical product, death due to dangerous property defects, death due to prescription errors, medical errors and/or medical malpractice fatal car accident due to a drunk driver, and death due to dangerous property defect and condition.

Wrongful death claims in New Jersey are brought on behalf of the Estate of a person whose death was caused by a devastating, catastrophic underlying legal event like negligence, accident, product failure or medical malpractice. A wrongful death claim is based on an underlying civil wrong which has tragic results for the decedent, family members and children. A case is filed against the manufacturer or the tortfeasor ("wrongdoer") on behalf of the decedent's Estate and heirs

A wrongful death lawsuit in NJ may provide all the financial security surviving family members ever have.

At the law firm of Meyerson & Miller, we devote special attention and resources to such cases. Our lawyers recognize that such wrongful death and survivor claims often provide the only vehicle for financial security for family members following a devastating loss. We personally prepare and try such cases anywhere in the country. We are currently involved in several significant wrongful death cases including:
  • the death of a dialysis patient who received a contaminated dose of Heparin;
  • the death of a 39 year-old woman because her physicians prescribed a dangerous prescription drug despite the fact that she had an underlying heart condition;
  • a case on behalf of a woman in her early 30's who died as a result of birth control patch manufacturer's failure to provide adequate warnings in conjunction with the sale of their product;
  • and a construction site accident that killed a laborer who was a husband and father.
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Here is some more information about Wrongful Death Laws in New Jersey:
Economic Portion of the Presumed Award
Damages are distributed to those eligible to recover under intestate law, in proportion to their pecuniary loss.

Pecuniary loss is defined by the New Jersey Wrongful Death statute and cases interpreting the statute.
Intestacy Laws
Priority Under Intestate Laws
  • Spouse and no parents or children-- everything to spouse.
  • Spouse and children – spouse takes the first $50,000 plus ½ of the balance of the estate if the children are also the spouse’s. If they are not, spouse only takes ½ of the estate. Remainder is divided equally among the children in the same generation.
  • Spouse and parents (no children) - spouse takes the first $50,000 plus ½ of the balance of the estate. Remainder is divided equally among parents.
  • No children but parents -- parents share equally.
  • No parents -- the parent’s children take all (i.e. brothers and sisters or their descendants). Shares are divided equally among the children in the same generation.
When there are Children of Different Generations (such as grandchildren)
  • The estate is divided into as many shares as there are living members of the nearest generation of children to the victim, including deceased children in the same generation who left behind children.
  • Each surviving heir in the nearest generation to the victim receives one share and the share of each deceased person in the same generation is divided among his or her descendants in the same manner.
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