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Avandia, a widely prescribed diabetes drug has been linked to a significantly higher risk of heart attacks and death from cardiovascular causes according to a research analysis of 42 studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine on May 21, 2007. The study prompted the FDA to issue a Safety Alert the same day.

The publication of this information about the risks associated with the use of Avandia has prompted lawsuits from thousands of persons who sustained serious injuries including heart attack, strokes and even death as a result of their use of Avandia.

Very recently, beginning in April 2010, the manufacturers Glaxo SmithKline commenced efforts to settle as many of these lawsuits as inexpensively as possible. Rather than participate in such premature settlements, Meyerson & O’Neill is committed to representing our clients who suffered serious injuries from Avandia and obtaining fair and full compensation for these injuries and damages.

We are currently scheduled to proceed to trial on the first Avandia claim that will be tried in the multi-district litigation in Federal Court in Pennsylvania. If you would like to hear more about the strategy that we are implementing to obtain full compensation for our clients who suffered Avandia injuries, you may click here to contact one of our Avandia attorneys or call us directly at 215-972-1376 for a free confidential consultation.
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