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Civil Rights — Police Shootings and Medical Care in Prison
Meyerson Miller prides itself on its ability to achieve justice for victims of police shootings and individuals denied adequate medical care while incarcerated. In particular, we have successfully represented victims of police shootings in which officers have abused their power, mishandled their guns or deployed their service weapons improperly. Additionally, prison systems throughout the country contract out medical services to private companies, which often provide inadequate and incompetent treatment. Our firm has extensive experience representing individuals who have been denied adequate medical treatment in prison and suffered serious injuries or even death.

Our firm provides passionate and dedicated representation in order to hold state officials and other government employees accountable for their civil rights abuses and ensure that every citizen receives equal treatment under the law. Although the odds may seem to be slanted in favor of the government in such cases, we fight for our clients and achieve results through attentive and thorough preparation of each case. We can and will go anywhere in the country to pursue a case in which substantial injustice has occurred.
Our achievements include the following substantial monetary awards:
  • One of the largest civil rights settlements against the City of Philadelphia based upon the conduct of an off-duty police officer who shot and killed a civilian with his service revolver.
  • A civil rights lawsuit in federal court in Colorado on behalf of a client who developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome as a result of the defendants’ deliberate indifference to his medical needs while incarcerated. Settlement was in excess of six figures.
  • A civil rights action in the Middle District of Pennsylvania on behalf of a client who was falsely accused of and prosecuted for arson. Settlement was substantially in excess of half a million dollars.
  • A civil rights lawsuit in federal court in Virginia on behalf of a client who died in custody from a cerebral hemorrhage due to grossly inadequate medical treatment of high blood pressure after his arrest for a routine traffic violation.
  • A $3.75 million settlement of a 260-member racial discrimination class action suit against a Fortune 500 company.
Despite the high costs inherent in civil rights litigation, our firm is willing to undertake civil rights claims on a contingency fee basis. This agreement provides that our firm will be responsible for all costs incurred (including expensive expert fees) and you will not be responsible for any of these litigation costs or attorneys’ fees unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

If you have suffered a civil rights abuse and would like us to evaluate your legal problem, please contact us via our form or call 877-373-8059 and ask to speak with an attorney about your case.
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