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International Business Litigation in the United States

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Foreign companies doing business in the United States are susceptible to litigation and trial in the United States. Your business may need legal representation to protect its interests here in the United States and to defend against false claims, especially when disputes arise from international business deals, ventures, projects or contracts. The legal issues in such cases require knowledge not only of the American court system but often court procedures in foreign countries and, frequently, how to secure testimony from important witnesses abroad.

We offer the experience and "hands-on" approach from senior attorneys with substantial trial and litigation experience to successfully understand the issues involved with international trade and to navigate the jurisdictional issues involved in prosecuting claims involving foreign national interests through to judgment and collection. Our international business litigation attorneys have experience in recovering payments owed for the manufacture and sale of goods, imports and exports, and monies entangled in disputes arising from trade agreements.

The types of complex cases we handle spans the gambit of business disputes, and legal problems arising from transnational / international business deals including:
  • Contract and sales matters arising under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC),
  • International trade matters,
  • Collection of receivables,
  • Business torts, including interference with contractual relations, and fraud claims,
  • Unfair competition and misappropriation of customers, assets, and intellectual property,
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes,
  • Defending business crimes, investigations and charges
Our firm has represented and currently represents foreign corporations and nationals with business interests both in the United States marketplace and abroad, including:
  • Litigation on behalf of a foreign exporter of gourmet products defrauded by its agents and customers in the United States.
  • Prosecution and defense of claims on behalf of a major foreign corporation arising out of several major trade disputes, involving a variety of joint ventures, partnerships, licensing agreements and products.
  • The firm also represented a Swiss inventor who was defrauded by a well-organized international criminal network. Monies were laundered through an American bank with the aid of an American securities dealer.
Italian-speaking International Business Litigation Attorney:
Jack Meyerson is fluent in Italian. Obviously, the ability to speak and write directly with clients in their own language makes it much easier to explain the often confusing and complex nature of the American legal / judicial system. We are actively seeking to represent Italian nationals and Italian companies, particularly those who need to utilize the American court system.

If you would like us to evaluate your foreign business case, please contact us via our form or call 888-773-3515 and ask to speak with an attorney about white collar crime.
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