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The firm offers extensive experience in the defense of white collar criminal cases, business crimes, fraud charges, income tax crimes, and other serious felonies. One of our attorneys, Jack Meyerson, has extensive criminal trial experience. Jack Meyerson when he was a government attorney directed dozens of grand jury investigations. This experience has paid off for several of our clients who as a result of Jack Meyerson’s knowledge of the inner workings of the grand jury process were able to avoid indictment and prosecution. The firm offers a full range of criminal representation in addition to trial, including criminal appeals and representation of individual and corporate clients who have received notice that they are a target or subject of a Federal Grand Jury investigation. The firm also considers representation of persons on appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme Court a specialty.

Our associate attorney, Matthew Miller, has represented criminal defendants in the Pennsylvania courts and has practiced in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals as well as the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Attorney Miller has obtained several recent jury acquittals in both Philadelphia and Delaware County.

Illustrative federal criminal cases handled by the firm have involved a wide variety of alleged wrongdoing including:
  • obstruction
  • tax evasion
  • failure to file income tax
  • political and labor union corruption
  • falsification of records by security management at a nuclear power plant
  • falsification of production records at a pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • environmental and pollution violations
  • and currency, money laundering and financial disclosure violations.
Our defense attorneys have also obtained not guilty acquittals of numerous serious felony crimes in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.  Jack Meyerson obtained two acquittals in homicide / murder cases where the prosecution was seeking the death penalty.

In today’s highly regulated society, effective criminal representation can never lose sight of the fact that many criminal prosecutions may result in government debarment and forfeitures. Our office has extensive experience in related regulatory matters with federal and state agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), Health and Human Services (“HHS”), Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), Medicaid and Medicare.

If you would like us to evaluate your case, please contact us via our form or call 888-773-3515 and ask to speak with an attorney about white collar crime.
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