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Many small businesses, despite their commercial success, encounter conflicts and litigations as founders age or want to move in a different direction. Our firm has been involved in a number of shareholder litigation cases in recent years involving minority shareholder rights in a small business context. Often, the controlling majority shareholders want to force or freeze out the minority shareholders and not provide them with fair value for their ownership interest.

We provide smaller business with the same quality of work that is available to major corporate firms—without the excessive legal costs

We have successfully litigated a number of such corporate minority shareholder rights and corporate freeze out cases. We pride ourselves in supplying top quality commercial litigation for smaller and medium size businesses. We believe that we offer the same quality of work that is available to major corporate firms without duplicate or excessive legal costs.

Too often when such business disputes arise, the cost of litigation proves disastrous for all parties. We offer a "hands on" involvement of our most senior and most experienced litigation attorneys, Jack Meyerson and Matthew L. Miller, to work directly with the shareholders involved to litigate their rights and the derivative rights of the corporation.

Particularly complex business problems, such as the dissolution of partnership or a business, require a knowledge of not only the legal principals but also the applicable market or business principles. In this regard, the firm has been actively involved in a number of partnership dissolutions. During 2008 Meyerson & Miller filed a claim on behalf of a closely held minority shareholder in a real estate firm. Our client was being locked out and was not receiving information as to ongoing operations and financial results. Ultimately, with our firms assistance, he sold his minority interest for in excess of $2 million. We have aggressively represented minority shareholders to ensure that they receive a fair value for their interests in a corporation which dissolves or merges. The firm has represented a number of corporate officers and executives upon their voluntary departure with regard to severance and termination proceedings from their corporate employer.

Executive Compensation and Severance

Individuals are often at a disadvantage when they accept employment with a major corporation. Promises are made to induce persons to take executive and officer level positions but then these promises are not subsequently honored. We have an established track record of representing such corporate officers and executives and aggressively litigating to obtain for them promised but unfulfilled equity positions, stock options, and earned bonuses from their corporate employers. In the past year, we have successfully obtained severance, benefits and post employment compensation including target incentive bonuses, benefits, stock incentive awards, repurchases of company stock, for executives and members of corporate leaderships teams, including the vice president of a large manufacturing company and a corporate controller of a financial corporation. We also have successfully negotiated early retirement packages, including severance and targeted bonus awards for an executive whose responsibilities were diminishing in the course of the change of control of the corporation.

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